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Tenderness and Terror: Ghostly Tales for Valentine’s

An evening of tales of tenderness and of terror, of ghostly stories of love and eldritch dread. Hold your beloved near as the dark draws close, for who knows what creatures of the night seek to warm their own cold hearts?


The Grimm Reaper: Online Storytelling

An old grandmother outwits death and, in a totally unexpected manner, manages to succeed. Where Orpheous failed (you had one job, Orpheus!), a beautiful Princess in ancient India wins her beloved husband back from the grip of the God of death through her wits alone. One man failed to heed Death's warnings. Another finds a land where Death does not enter. In another land far away, all the creatures of the Earth meet to decide whether Death should be allowed into the world.  Join me for an evening of traditional stories that embody hundreds of generations of wisdom about Death.

This evening of stories is suitable for families with children aged 12 plus (and younger at parents discretion).


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