Popular and Famous Ghost Tour of the Historic Village of Haworth

Do the ghosts of Branwell and Emily Brontë still walk the moors of Haworth? Do the spirits of mysterious monks walk secret underground passageways between the Church and the cellars beneath the Old Hall Inn? Does the spectre of a hanged highwayman still hunt for potential victims in the local pubs? What better way to enjoy the atmosphere of this iconic West Yorkshire village than to listen to the age-old tales of phantoms and spectres that haunt its lanes, ginnels, byways and houses.

Join Adam Sargant of Haunted Haworth, a local ghostologist and student of folklore, for ghost tours crafted by a master storyteller, spooktacular ghost walks through the dark and cobbled streets of the village where the world-famous Brontë sisters wrote their groundbreaking novels.

Your guide to the ghastly, your mentor to the mysterious and your conductor to the cadaverous will walk you through the narrow and shadow veiled streets of Haworth as you listen to tales of terror and stories of the supernatural. Learn of dark deeds that resonate through history as the spirits of their perpetrators remain bound to their earthly haunts. Allow yourself to be enchanted by tragic romances of forbidden love that curse families for generations.

From mysterious gargoyles that give voice to the dead to the ghost of Emily Brontë, from Branwell Brontë, reluctant ghost hunter, to a tragic femme fatale who fell from the sky to her death, I will guide you through realms where we walk shoulder to shoulder with spirits, spooks, shades and spectres.

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Adults (17+): £10

Children (5-16): £7

Children under 5: Free

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Haworth Graveyard at Night