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Accessibility and Inclusion

I aim to make Haunted Haworth Ghost Walks as accessible and as inclusive as I can.

The walk takes about 90 minutes, but it isn’t a long walk, approximately 1/3 of a mile. There are no hills and only one section where there are some very low steps. There are two spots on the walk, the first about 2/3 of the way round and the second at the end, where you can sit while I tell stories. If you do have difficulty with walking or mobility and are concerned that this might present a barrier, please contact me with your concerns, as I can always work to your needs.

If you are hard of hearing or your hearing is otherwise impaired, I use a Tour Guide Voice Amplifier. However, if your hearing is such that that is not enough, I also have (currently) 2 UHF wireless receivers which I can provide, along with a set of brand new unused earphones. This would need to be requested as part of the booking (there is a field in the checkout where you can request them) and, as my stock is limited, if more than two people request them, they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Should demand be greater than my current supply, I will obviously increase my stock.

Should you have any concerns whatsoever about inclusion and accessibility, do please contact me. I will do my best to meet your needs